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How to find out your IP address? All the ways!
How to find out your IP address, this question is asked by many people who are not very versed in network protocols and generally devices of modern networks. Ok, let's…

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The history of development and evolution of the keyboard.
We all use the keyboard every day, it is difficult to say whether there can be a more important and universal device for entering information into a computer than a…

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What is a CMS?
With this magical combination of letters, Internet users have to deal with more and more. So what does this spell mean, and in what area of ​​the Internet is it…

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Quantum Computers and Quantum Internet

Are there limits to the development of the computer industry? Taking into account the pace of this development over the past half century, a rather rosy impression is formed about the prospects for further improvement of information technologies. Although no further than in 2007, the notorious Gordon Moore stated that his law, which predicts a doubling of the number of transistors on an integrated circuit chip every two years, seems to cease to act very soon due to the banal reason of the atomic nature of matter and the limitation of the speed of light … Continue reading

How to choose a laptop 2019 for work, study, home.

Periodically, we all have to choose and buy laptops. They are our work, rest and entertainment. About every 3 years you are faced with a choice – how to choose a laptop. Which laptop is better, how much does a good computer cost, and in what cases is it worth overpaying, and where are just marketing tricks.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose a laptop in 2019 for work, study, office, games or just home. We select and tell you what parameters of the laptop are optimal and what is important for comfortable work. We give examples with exact prices and tell you where and how you can buy a laptop cheaper. Continue reading

What to look for when choosing a laptop

The laptop has already moved from the category of luxury to the category of necessary things, just like a mobile phone once. What should I look for when buying a laptop, what are the options? You buy a laptop computer that will be convenient to carry. The compactness and lightness of the laptop will be important to you, and only after that is its configuration.

First, decide what you need: a laptop, netbook or tablet. This article is intended for superficial acquaintance with the device of laptops. There is also a more extended description of the parameters of laptops. Continue reading


The choice of a laptop in terms of parameters and characteristics should be approached consciously, so that after a month of use you do not have to be upset by the lack of necessary functions. Of course, the first thing a buyer does when choosing a gadget is comparing and evaluating the technical parameters indicated near the product. But, what if at this moment the thought arises in the head: “Decipher what it means ?!”.

12 tips from us will help you decide. How to choose a laptop yourself and what characteristics you need to pay attention to depends, first of all, on the purpose of the equipment. Read more about this and much more. Continue reading

How to choose a laptop

Choosing a laptop that would fully meet your needs is not easy, given the huge range available on the market. Choosing the “perfect” laptop can take more than one week. What to do to speed up this process? There are several options:

Trust the seller in the store.
Himself for several weeks, “dig” into the Internet (reviews, articles, tests).
Read this article;)
Where to start? First of all, you need to decide for yourself: “What will I do on this device? Continue reading

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Social networks - a phenomenon or the collapse of real life?
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How to promote a blog?
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The choice of a laptop in terms of parameters and characteristics should be approached consciously, so that after a month of use you do not have to be upset by…