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What is a CTR page? and how does it affect earnings?
Well, for starters, let's answer the question "What is CTR?" Ctr is an indicator of clickthrough rate, the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions. The…

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What is a CMS?
With this magical combination of letters, Internet users have to deal with more and more. So what does this spell mean, and in what area of ​​the Internet is it…

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How to choose the best laptop
Buying a laptop is not an easy task, and you need to approach this issue no less seriously than purchasing any other equipment. As in the case of buying a…

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How to remove a banner from the desktop and from the browser

If you are reading this article, then you must have encountered such a problem as an advertising module or an informer on the monitor of your computer. It is sometimes quite difficult to get rid of this annoying thing, and the creators of this virus themselves need to send an SMS message for money, or replenish the account of a Beeline or MTS subscriber, after which you supposedly can deactivate pop-up ads on your screen. Do not do this in any case, as this is a fraud and you will not be given an unlock code. Continue reading

How to make Microsoft Internet explorer the default browser? Detailed instructions.

It happens that when you start some third-party browser, you accidentally clicked on the “Use by default” button and now you want to make your good old Explorer the default browser. This article describes all the ways how this can be done on all versions of this browser.

The easiest and fastest way
Launch Explorer -> in the menu (top, left) click on “Tools” -> go to the very bottom entry “Internet Options” -> select the “Programs” tab -> there it will say “Browsing program by default -> click on the button “Use by default”, you can also check the box next to “Notify if Internet Explorer is not used by default,” so that when you launch a window pops up to make the default browser if you again suddenly set another browser as “main”. Continue reading

How to take a screenshot? An integrated approach to solving the problem.

Many computer users probably faced the task when it was necessary to take a screenshot (“photos” of the screen). Often, for these purposes, special programs are used that have wide capabilities, but in most cases you can get by with the built-in Windows tools.

To do this, the keyboard has a special key – Print Screen (PrtScn), most often located in the upper right corner of the keyboard. You can use it in two ways:

Simply, when you click Print Screen, the entire screen will be “photographed”.
Pressing the Alt + Print Screen combination will take a screenshot of the currently active window. Continue reading

Fifteen of the most famous hacker attacks.

The advent of personal computers had a huge impact on society in the late 70s – early 80s .; just at this time, computer technology has decreased sufficiently in size to fit comfortably in homes and called “personal computers” or PCs.
With the increase in the number of users of personal computers, a rather mysterious and peculiar group appeared in society: hackers. The term “hackers”, popularized in 1983 by Newsweek magazine, describes users who prefer to penetrate the “inside” of a computer rather than just use it. Continue reading

What is the uniqueness of the text and how to check it?

You have probably already heard more than once that search engines especially appreciate unique texts, and therefore, when creating your website or any Internet project, you sincerely intend to fill it with only original works of pen masters.

Intuitively, you already understand that a unique text is a text written from scratch and unlike the others, that is, it is such one. No copies, no repetitions. When you write text yourself, you are sure that your text is unique. However, what a surprise it is when you suddenly discover that the text that you yourself composed is by no means unique from the point of view of search engines. Continue reading

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