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What to look for when choosing a laptop

The laptop has already moved from the category of luxury to the category of necessary things, just like a mobile phone once. What should I look for when buying a laptop, what are the options? You buy a laptop computer that will be convenient to carry. The compactness and lightness of the laptop will be important to you, and only after that is its configuration.

First, decide what you need: a laptop, netbook or tablet. This article is intended for superficial acquaintance with the device of laptops. There is also a more extended description of the parameters of laptops.

Manufacturers offer ultra-thin models, thin, standard and special purpose laptops. What are manufacturers going to make the laptop the thinnest and most compact? First of all, they remove the little-used peripheral devices, such as a drive for reading DVD / CD discs, and also use the latest energy-saving technologies. The logic is simple: the more technologically advanced the device, the more compact it is, it heats up less and the cooling system takes up less space.

Thin and lightweight gadgets are designed for those who use a computer not in the office, but in a car or airplane. It can be journalists, businessmen, emergency workers, whose activities require mobility. Thin laptops are very elegant and therefore loved by girls. A laptop should be stylish, just like you yourself, so you need to pay a lot of attention to appearance.

In a computer store
Arriving at the computer room, look at the shelves and mark the laptop that you liked the most. Listen to what the manager tells you about him. If you look at the purchase only in the price list, you can buy an expensive, but unpresentable laptop.

You need to choose a laptop, of course, and for its “filling.” You should not rely only on the words of the seller-consultant, because his goal is sales. In addition, upgrading or repairing a laptop in the future is a rather troublesome business, so pay due attention to quality.

What criteria to look for when choosing a laptop
A mobile processor differs from a desktop processor in reduced power consumption and advanced energy-saving technologies that extend battery life. The essence of energy-saving technologies is that, while powered by the mains, the computer works at full capacity, and in stand-alone mode – half the power or even less. Most laptops are powered by an Intel processor. Its competitor AMD also has suitable options, but fewer devices work on them. The standard processor has 4 cores. The more cores and their frequency – the better, but batteries can be consumed faster.

When asked how much RAM should be, a counter question will arise: why? If you want to work in Windows 10 64bit and with heavy software packages, then you need at least 8 GB of memory. If there is a lack of it, the programs will start, but they will work very slowly, and the operating system will create a huge swap file on the hard disk. In this case, the HDD engine will rotate all the time, wasting battery energy. You can buy an inexpensive laptop with a memory capacity of 2-4GB and purchase additional memory for it.

The laptop video system includes an integrated or discrete graphics card and monitor. Ultraportable laptops, as a rule, have 12-14 inch screens, while in ordinary ones this indicator is 15-19 inches. Choose visually for yourself a more suitable size for ease of use and compactness. Typically, laptops are purchased for office tasks.

Paying attention to the power of the video card is only worth it if you are going to play modern 3D games (simple toys and online games will go almost always). But I want to warn you that a powerful gaming laptop will be too expensive a pleasure. In addition, due to overheating during the game, laptops often fail. Therefore, only for games it is better to buy a computer with a powerful graphics card. If you have a slot for an external video card, it’s easier – you can replace it.

Power consumption does not depend on the volume of the hard drive, so it should be as large as possible. Choose a hard drive with a capacity of 500 GB or more, this is quite enough for average needs. The laptops use 2.5 ″ hard drives with reduced power consumption. SSD SSDs will give a sharp jump in performance, but they are smaller and cost much more.

Network adapters allow you to connect to a corporate network, transfer files to a hard drive, print documents on a network printer, and access the Internet. A Wi-Fi wireless adapter is a must have on laptops. But there may not be a network card for a wired connection with an RJ-45 connector, due to space saving. Today, wired connection is rarely used, and then mostly by technical specialists.

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