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How to get client and financial returns from a site?

There are various channels of communication between the manufacturer and the consumer, and the seller and the buyer – traditional media, television, radio, outdoor advertising and points of sale. The only and main task of all these channels is to capture the attention of the potential consumer and encourage him to take the necessary action – what is said in the advertising message (buy, order, try and so on).

Thousands of authors and trainers in different languages ​​around the world are constantly trying to tell how to achieve this. There is a lot of literature on effective business management and successful enterprise management, a lot has been written about how to make a site effective. However, as with many similar recommendations, their value is determined by the Pareto principle, which is generally formulated as follows: “20% of the efforts yield 80% of the result, and the remaining 80% of the efforts give only 20% of the result.”

In this regard, I would like to use this basic principle when disclosing this topic so that you can choose the minimum of the most important actions to get a significant part of the planned full result.

On this I propose to put an end to the already protracted preamble and move on to the “ambul”. So, we discard the abstract reasoning and move on to the dry facts that will help to obtain client and financial returns from the site:

1. First of all, learn to distinguish the main from the secondary. The most important thing is the convenience and practicality of the site, that is, usability. A beautiful design without usability is nothing, just an empty expensive picture!

2. If possible, tell us in 2-3 sentences what your company is doing and why it is doing this in the market better than the rest. Competitive advantages should be articulated as clearly and simply as possible.

3. Place a bright visual on the main page, and this does not have to be a highly artistic design. Its main task is to attract attention, but in no case to focus. There is a great way to balance on this side – to remove the entire schedule for the fields, leaving the key information for visitors in the center. The design in no case should distract the visitor from the main purpose of the site.

Each site has its own task, including yours, you need to reformulate it for the consumer and immediately “face-up” on the main page to access it using all verbal and non-verbal methods. Once again we draw your attention to the fact that such information cannot be related sections, for example, “about the company” or “our team”.

4. Contact information must be placed in a conspicuous place, which means that the user should be able to easily find it on all pages of the site without exception.

5. If you have good positions in the ratings or you have any awards, then do not hesitate to immediately declare them on the main page. Not only will this increase the credit of trust in your organization, but it will also help in the shortest possible time to form an idea with the user about what company he is dealing with.

6. Content – competent, concise, selling. Everything else is a compromise that is unlikely to work for you.

7. Headings and text in large readable font. In this case, the text does not need to be entered in the graphics. It may look prettier in terms of design, but it is unlikely to work to increase sales, because reading such a text is inconvenient.

8. Professional optimization has not harmed anyone, moreover, it is able to bring significant profit by improving the rating of the company. If you have a lot of texts for optimization, “stuck together” from key queries, then it is advisable to hide them somewhere further down so that they do not cover the main material.

9. If you sell goods or services via the Internet, then the user should almost “stumble” about an online application for the purchase of goods or services almost every time. A completed application is already half the deal.

10. If your assortment includes any complex services, then explanatory articles in a simple and clear language are needed. Where the user best understands the essence of the product or service – there he will buy it.

11. Study and predict user routes and remember that any route should be as short as possible and end with the words “buy” or “order”.

We live in an era of total lack of time, so simplified interfaces are now very popular. Do not underestimate their strength. Do not be afraid to be simple; simplicity is credible and saves time. If you describe all your services and advantages concisely and directly, if you can quickly establish an individual contact, then in most cases the online representation will be doomed to success.

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