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How to remove a banner from the desktop and from the browser

If you are reading this article, then you must have encountered such a problem as an advertising module or an informer on the monitor of your computer. It is sometimes quite difficult to get rid of this annoying thing, and the creators of this virus themselves need to send an SMS message for money, or replenish the account of a Beeline or MTS subscriber, after which you supposedly can deactivate pop-up ads on your screen. Do not do this in any case, as this is a fraud and you will not be given an unlock code.

In this article I will tell you how to remove a similar banner from the screen of your computer. To begin with, a banner on the desktop or in a browser that pops up on the screen and interferes with normal operation is nothing but the result of a special malicious program running on your computer like a virus. This is a special trojan that requires sending money via sms and entering a code.

Remove the banner from the desktop, the most effective ways:
0. Take the hard drive to a friend and check it with an antivirus program. The most reliable way to remove the banner.

1. Reinstalling Windows. It is also reliable, but for a long time.

2. System recovery:
Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore – Restore the computer to an earlier state.
Choose a date earlier than when the banner appeared. Keep in mind that in this case all the programs that you installed after the restore point date may disappear.
The method is very simple, but does not always help due to the lack of control points.

3. If you can run and install programs, install a fresh antivirus (Kaspersky, NOD32, Dr. Web, Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials, etc.) and fully check the system.

4. In addition, the following programs can help remove the banner:
SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition
Spybot – Search & Destroy
Trojan guarder gold
AVP Tool from Kaspersky
ZbotKiller from Kaspersky

5. You can complain to the operator who owns the short standard.
To receive a request for information on identifying SPAM mailings, a 24-hour hotline number is allocated: +7 (495) 643 99 94
You can also see a list of content providers that provide ODA services. short numbers. If you find a short banner number, feel free to call the provider and ask for a code, compensation or a ban on the service.
Anyway, you have the right to call any provider and demand to give you a code to remove the banner, as well as demand the disconnection of the ransomware number. In particular, call 8-800-100-73-37 (it’s difficult to get through – there are a lot of victims of banners, but be patient) or 8-800-555-01-02 (free in Russia).

If you found the code and it came up (the banner disappeared), then you should definitely check the system with antivirus, then Combofix and change all your passwords.

6. If there is no solution in the comments, you do not need to write “AAA, HELP, remove the banner!”.
Describe clearly:

banner appearance
the number to send SMS and the text to be sent,
message text and banner color,
as well as a possible site on which this banner was “caught” or the circumstances in which it appeared.
7. If the task manager has disabled the banner, you can install the Process Viewer program, with which you can kill processes and, therefore, delete banners. For example, you can remove the pink banner by killing the plugin.exe process and deleting the C: Program Filesplugin.exe

8. Remember to update Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader. Just through the old versions of these two technologies, scammers are installing a banner.

If your browser is Internet Explorer 6, immediately change it, it is unsafe.

This is what concerns PC desktop banners. Now let’s talk about banners in browser programs.

Internet Explorer Browser Removal
To remove a banner from Internet Explorer, do the following:
We go in Internet Explorer. In the menu Tools> Add-on Management> Disable add-on, select LexLibVideo Plugin, click the “Disable” button.
Next, go to “My Computer”, look for the local drive “C”, click on “Search for files and folders”, look for the file ?? lib.dll, delete it without regret. Question marks in the name of the library indicate that two or three letters of any kind can stand in these places.
Then we go to the “Start” menu, click on the “Run” menu, type “regedit” in the text box, then OK> Edit> Find> type “?? lib.dll”. Delete all found files. We do this several times.
If all else fails, then through Windows Explorer we find the C: Documents and Settings {User Profile} Application DataAdSubscribe folder, and in it the AdSubscrib.dat file, open it in notepad, find the [Runtime] ADSR = 999 variable, fix the value 999 to 0 and run uninstall.exe. Following this, in the registry (Start> Run> regedit> Edit> Find), we find everything that has “AdSubscribe” in its name and delete it without fear and regret.

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