Why are internet games dangerous?
Today, once again, from my own experience, I was convinced that Internet games are evil. They do not allow you to relax, do not allow you to do something useful…

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Computer jargon - a malignant tumor
Without language, communication between people would be impossible. Regardless of what first comes to mind when mentioning the word "language", the first and second meanings will be true. But certainly…

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All possible benefits from your own web site.

Let’s talk about the benefits that your own website gives you. Why is this topic so important? Most likely, you already know that the Western Internet has overtaken Runet by several years. And this means that it’s very easy for us to predict the future of our RuNet!

In the West, the word “site” has long been perceived as virtual real estate. Yes, real estate, because the site also makes a profit, without requiring much effort from the owner.

The only difference is that real estate can be immediately bought, leased and it will start to make a profit, and you need to work on the site for a while to bring it to a fruitful level.

So, if what I said above made you think, then let’s figure out what the site is, how it is designed and how it can help you in creating a new source of income.

To begin with, we will determine what a site is and why together with it we can often hear words such as “server”, “domain”, “hosting”, etc.

In simple terms, a site is a certain amount of information in the form of text, graphics and files, which are ordered using the HTML hyper markup language and are interconnected by links.
All this information is located on a special server and is accessible from anywhere in the world. it is assigned to a specific “name” of the site – for example, wikispace.ru.
This “name”, by the way, is called the site’s domain.

Hosting – a service that includes a place on the server for your site, email address, support for various scripts (counters, votes, etc.). It costs hosting from $ 1 to $ 50 per month, depending on the provided space, capabilities, etc.
At the same time, do not forget that on one hosting you can host several sites with different “names” (domains) at once. How much exactly? It depends on the hosting tariff used.

In this article, we will not go into the technical subtleties of creating the sites themselves, but right away we will begin to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of owning a website.


1. Your site will be the place where your audience will gather.
2. Your site will be a springboard for your newsletter.
3. Your site will be profitable through contextual advertising.
4. On your site you will be able to advertise and sell your own goods and services in automatic mode.
5. You can make a profit by advertising affiliate products on your site.
6. You will find many new friends and like-minded people.
7. You will respect yourself more, others will respect you more.
8. Owning a site, you will begin to keep up to date, because everyone has long known that the future lies with the Internet.


1. Monthly costs of about 5-10 $ for hosting for the site.
2. The time taken to create the site itself and to further replenish it regularly with fresh information.

Now detailed information on the above points.

Your site will be the place where your audience will gather.
So, the first benefit is “Your site will be the place where your target audience will gather.”

Let’s see what this means.

It is no secret that today the sale of information products is considered the most profitable business on the Internet. And almost any site owner from time to time thinks about how to create an information product that will be profitable.
But, unfortunately, the majority does not realize what has been planned in practice, because they do not see the opportunities and ideas that lie under their nose.
You should not be in their ranks.
Your site’s traffic will grow steadily as the site evolves and new content is added.

Here you might have a question: “And what is all this
attendance gives? ”

I answer on points:

1. These are letters with questions that come from visitors daily. Those. You can not only study your audience (potential customers) from the inside, but also get ready-made material for creating information products (audio, video, e-books, discs, etc., etc.).
It was after the collection and processing of such letters that I, for example, six months after the opening of my site, I was able to release an information product that brings me a solid profit, to this day.

2. This is an audience survey that you can conduct on your site. These surveys are part of the so-called marketing research, which will help you better know your audience.

3. Reviews from visitors to your site. If your site contains really high-quality and useful information, whether you like it or not, you will regularly receive thank-you letters that will charge you for further work 100 times stronger than any Red Bull.

4. You will constantly be sent various proposals for partnership and participation in various projects, and indeed from time to time among them really worthwhile things come across.

5. Your site (if it is done qualitatively) will indirectly affect how you will be treated and how you will be respected. Those. if in the future you are engaged in the sale of information products or services.

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