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How to choose a laptop 2019 for work, study, home.

Periodically, we all have to choose and buy laptops. They are our work, rest and entertainment. About every 3 years you are faced with a choice – how to choose a laptop. Which laptop is better, how much does a good computer cost, and in what cases is it worth overpaying, and where are just marketing tricks.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose a laptop in 2019 for work, study, office, games or just home. We select and tell you what parameters of the laptop are optimal and what is important for comfortable work. We give examples with exact prices and tell you where and how you can buy a laptop cheaper.

Which companies to pay attention to, what characteristics are important for a laptop, how much a good computer costs and how many years its safety margin will last. The article will be useful for those who want to know how to choose a laptop and not overpay. We will show you how to make the best purchase based on your requirements and goals in 2019.

How to choose a laptop

How to choose a laptop
Choosing a laptop should begin with a description of your requirements for it. Based on the requirements and parameters should be selected. A gaming laptop or laptop for serious work in Photoshop is significantly different in power from a laptop for working in the office or watching videos and Word files at home. The price is also several times different.

It is important to buy a laptop that is optimal in terms of parameters so as not to overpay for unnecessary memory, processor frequency and discrete graphics cards, if you simply do not use it. Also, its reliability depends on the filling and the company of the laptop. Powerful laptops heat up more and get into repairs more often.

Notebook selection and price
Conventionally, you can divide the price of laptops into 3 levels:

up to 300 dollars
from 300 to 700 dollars
from 700 to 5 thousand dollars and more
The price depends on the manufacturer, components and materials used. Typically, the higher the price, the better the performance, but not always. A laptop in an ultrabook format with a thin aluminum case with a display size of 13-14 inches can cost $ 300 more than the same specifications, but with a display size of 15.6 and in a plastic case. In this case, there is simply an overpayment for the image and appearance, and this does not affect the work.

Recommendations when choosing a laptop
We recommend staying on models in the middle price segment. If you don’t know which computer you need exactly and don’t play complex games, then it’s best to choose a computer from 300 to 700 dollars. In this case, you will get optimal performance and do not overpay for unnecessary bells and whistles.

Look at the link below for laptops with a price from 300 to 700 cu They are suitable for most people to solve almost any problem. Optimal performance at the right price.

Link: Catalog of laptops with prices for solving 90% percent of tasks

Below we will teach you to understand the installed details and tell you which brands, in our opinion, are better to choose. The quality of work depends on the brand, and performance depends on the details. The main thing you need to focus on is the description of the characteristics of the model. The conventional model G5 can be with 10 different configurations. G5 will differ only in the type of code 2UB87ES, and the characteristics will be completely different. It is important not to make a mistake when choosing.

Choosing a laptop for the office
For these tasks, entry-level models with a price of about $ 300 are suitable. When working in the office often does not require large capacities. You just need to let the computer work in the browser, open mail, pdf and word, exel files. If you need a laptop for the office, then choose models with a matte display size of 15.6. So the employee will be more comfortable to work and less tired eyes. Often, it is because of eye fatigue that performance is lost.

You can take a larger display size, but the larger the display, the higher the cost. The cheapest option and the best – 15.6. This is the golden mean. Less than 15.6 inches are produced ultrabooks and there is a small overpayment due to the smaller size of the case, and at 17 inches there will be an overpayment for a larger display size.

Recommended choice for office laptop:
Celeron processor, but better than Pentium
Without a discrete graphics card. Enough built
A “hard disk” is better than an SSD, but a regular HDD is also possible. Volume is not important
15.6 matte display
Common Features for Office Laptop:
Display 15.6 “(1366 × 768) HD LED, matte / Intel Celeron N3060 (1.6 – 2.48 GHz) / RAM 4 GB / HDD 500 GB / Intel HD Graphics 400 / Without OD / LAN / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / webcam / without OS / 2.4 kg / black

Screen 15.6 “(1366 × 768) HD LED, matte – Display size, resolution and matrix type. They come in two forms. In this example, TN + Film. But there are also IPS, they are more expensive and better color rendering.
Intel Celeron N3060 (1.6 – 2.48 GHz) is a processor. It goes entry-level from Intel. This is the most budget possible.

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How to choose a laptop 2019 for work, study, home.
Periodically, we all have to choose and buy laptops. They are our work, rest and entertainment. About every 3 years you are faced with a choice - how to choose…