How to promote your site?
Recently, more and more attention is paid to issues of website promotion, their optimization. And this is not surprising, because the success of a project on the Internet depends not…

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Why are internet games dangerous?
Today, once again, from my own experience, I was convinced that Internet games are evil. They do not allow you to relax, do not allow you to do something useful…

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Open the fb2 format.
When surfing the Internet, you may come to this question: "How to open fb2?". But really, why open such an outstanding format? Well, let's take turns. FictionBook - a format…

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Counter on the site. Settings, description, selection of the best …

Experience shows that in the promotion of any site a good counter is the most necessary and convenient tool for evaluating your actions in the process of advertising campaigns. Despite the existence of certain general rules and principles that describe the procedure for conducting an advertising campaign in sufficient detail, the audience’s reaction to certain actions is always individual, unpredictable and can give completely unpredictable results. As a result of this, it is necessary to constantly monitor the flow of visitors (traffic) and calculate the effectiveness of your completed actions.

In other words, you can’t do without a counter on the site now. In addition, there is still a lot of benefit from it, and in addition to simple monitoring, because each counter has its own general statistics for all registered sites (site rating). Such statistics are found on the site of a specific counter. Traffic to your resource can also go from this site (especially if it has high positions in the category among competitors), plus your site receives an external high-quality link from such ratings, and as you know, any external link is not a resource, this is another plus search engine rankings. Now let’s start the functionality of a good counter.

What should the counter be able to do, in addition to the banal counting of visitors? He must be able to take into account the details, the most detailed and varied. Here is a list of the most necessary data that the counter should have provided:
who came (hostname, browser, system);
where it came from (from which search engine or from a link from which site);
when it arrived (accurate to the minute, no longer needed);
how much time I spent (I would like);
where did you go (in practice, this is done using scripts and forwarding);
how many visitors in total;
how many unique visitors in total.
Theoretically, this data is enough. It would be very desirable that the counter could draw conclusions from these data and produce average statistics.

The most popular free runet counters

Rambler is a well-known Russian server. Information provided: the total number of visits, the average number of visits per day, per hour, the total report on the hosts of visitors, the number of returns to your page within an hour, your rating for various groups of pages for different periods of time.
Due to the high server load, it is sometimes (very rare) difficult to register your site. Counts only CIS pages. Registration will be refused if your page is hosted on a foreign free server (such as FortuneCity, GeoCities, Xoom, etc.).

SpyLOG is a unique counter that allows you to conduct a variety of and complex studies of the site’s audience. At the moment, it offers more than 600 types of statistics, grouped in more than 50 dynamic forms. You can not only trace where the visitor came to you from, with which browser and with what screen resolution he views your page, but also track his travel route on your site, find out how much time he spent on your site, as well as which keywords your site was found in search engines, and lots of other information.
You can choose a counter from several dozen different colors, several sizes. You can select an animated counter (sample on the left). Statistics can be received by e-mail, ICQ, pager – not so detailed, but still it is a very convenient feature.

Alpha Counter – the server is located in Ukraine. Information provided: total number of visits, average number of visits per day, per hour, summary report on hosts of visitors, number of returns to your page within an hour. In addition, data are summarized by hours, days, days of the week, and by month.
A choice of 28 counter options is offered.

IP Club Counter – a counter that can be displayed on the page is missing, only statistical information. Nature of information: total number of visits over the past 30 days, average number of visits by day of the week, time of day, and domain. It is possible to provide information both on individual pages and on sections that combine several pages. It is proposed to generate HTML-reports, as well as sending statistics by e-mail.

HotLog is one of the most popular free counters on the Russian Internet. Allows you to receive information about the number of visitors to your site by hours, days of the week, months, etc .; about the geographical location of visitors; about which browsers and which operating systems visitors use, what monitor resolution they use; on which sites the links to your site are located; through which search engines users find your site.
More than 30 counter color options are offered, i.e. you should not experience special difficulties in choosing a counter for your design. It is possible to switch to a more functional paid version of the counter.

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