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How to hack a page in a social network in contact?

This informative article in contact hacking can be perceived differently. As a guide for beginners, to help participants in the VKontakte project, or simply as a guide. However, it cannot be qualified as a fraudster’s guide. In principle, the information for the fraudster is too small and cannot be used in full. All the information laid out in this article does not so move towards active illegal actions, as, using an example, it shows how to deal with these actions. It’s no secret, it’s easier to fight with someone you know. Here, a lot of useful, really useful information is also presented that will facilitate your stay on the site in contact.

Hacking a contact or hacking a VKontakte site. All the secrets are here.
Today we will learn how to hack a page in contact.
I want to draw particular attention to the fact that such activities are punishable by law and punishable by law. As a result of this, I strongly recommend that you use the materials in this article for informational purposes only and never put them into practice.
Recently, the Internet is full of advertisements with offers to hack a VKontakte page for free or the account you are interested in on Odnoklassniki. Moreover, for this pleasure you have to pay. However, some closed pages can be opened without assistance even for free. Let’s start. Access option to the questionnaire.
Social engineering to help the cracker.
Practice shows that if you know a little, it is not difficult to find a password for his site account in contact. It can be his date of birth or simple, standard template passwords.
If it does not work out in these cases, then we try to carry out the same operation with its email address. If you were unable to find a password for the mail, then try to answer the security question. As a rule, this is something very easy. It may be the nickname of his dog or cat, it may be a brand of car. As soon as we get access to the mail, we immediately order the password recovery in the contact and access to the information is received. If this time also failed, we begin to study programming. If time is running out, then we are looking for programs or scripts for hacking.
Script for breaking contact.

Scripts and a program for hacking contacts are very simple and can be found on the Internet in abundance, but not all are suitable for our business, many of them are slightly damp and require improvement. These programs simply enumerate passwords to the contact. The password database can also be easily found on the web. As a rule, it goes in a text file. Of course, if you just run it, then after a certain number of incorrect selections, your address will simply be blocked. Such scripts can be found in abundance on the antique forum. There is also a program for breaking the contact password there.

Methods for hacking pages in contact
Remember one simple truth – you can hack anything, you only need time and knowledge. Therefore, the methods of hacking VKontakte pages remain the same as for other sites, and therefore the methods of protection against hacking, too.


The most common method of hacking pages in contact is phishing. Phishing is a deception of gullible users of a social network by disguising malicious sites as a VKontakte site. For masking, the same design and similarity of the site name is used, and even an imitation of the internal structure. All that a phishing site needs from you is that you enter your username and password. Typically, phishing sites send spam, phony emails and messages in ICQ, which require confirmation of your data. If you click on the links in such a message, you will be taken to a page that is no different from the social network. Only here the username and password from your page will be stolen. The fate of your page then remains a big question. If you just found out that you went to a phishing site and entered your username and password, then fine. If you did not find this, then soon you will understand when VKontakte refuses to accept your password.

Trojan viruses

This type of virus makes its way to your computer from questionable sites, programs and archives. After the virus is activated, it steals your passwords and sends them to the attacker. Often these are passwords from your VKontakte page, and then everything develops according to the scenario described above.


Brutus is a way to crack a contact by selecting a username and password for your page. Usually it is ineffective, since a captcha is being used, which has not yet been hacked. First of all, the brutus is aimed at breaking email, well, and then events develop according to the scenario already known to us.

Special programs and scripts

Although the developers of the VKontakte site are constantly working on their brainchild, there are enough holes in it. Empirically, hackers will learn about the possibilities that open up these shortcomings in the site code, and create programs for hacking VKontakte and scripts that allow you to view your private data and even select passwords.

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How to hack a page in a social network in contact?
This informative article in contact hacking can be perceived differently. As a guide for beginners, to help participants in the VKontakte project, or simply as a guide. However, it cannot…


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