How to make Microsoft Internet explorer the default browser? Detailed instructions.
It happens that when you start some third-party browser, you accidentally clicked on the "Use by default" button and now you want to make your good old Explorer the default…

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Fifteen of the most famous hacker attacks.
The advent of personal computers had a huge impact on society in the late 70s - early 80s .; just at this time, computer technology has decreased sufficiently in size…

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What is a CMS?
With this magical combination of letters, Internet users have to deal with more and more. So what does this spell mean, and in what area of ​​the Internet is it…

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How to choose a laptop

Choosing a laptop that would fully meet your needs is not easy, given the huge range available on the market. Choosing the “perfect” laptop can take more than one week. What to do to speed up this process? There are several options:

Trust the seller in the store.
Himself for several weeks, “dig” into the Internet (reviews, articles, tests).
Read this article;)
Where to start? First of all, you need to decide for yourself: “What will I do on this device? What are my requirements for him? ” From this, it will depend on what parameters of the laptop you pay the main attention to. However, there are 5 technical criteria, the difference between which should be understood by the future owner of the laptop.

Diagonal of the laptop (13/14/15/17/19 inches).

13.3-14.1 – devices are designed for people who want a small, thin device that will constantly accompany them on the road. On laptops with such diagonals, it’s not very comfortable to play “The Witcher 3” or “Fallout 4”, however, he will do a great job with presentations, tables, watching videos and all this – for 7-8 hours of battery life. The weight of such “handsome”, usually does not exceed 2 kg.

15.6 is a classic. The most common diagonal of laptops. They are compact enough for transportation, and at the same time, this size allows you to comfortably use media content (movies \ games \ photos).

17.3 and more – laptops that are designed to replace stationary PCs. Traveling with this is not very convenient (weight more than 3 kg), but the display dimensions make it convenient to use it as a main home PC.

In addition to physical dimensions, displays may also differ in coating:

A glossy screen is perfect for using a laptop at home, reproduces colors well, but working “in the yard” on a sunny day turns into looking at yourself in a “mirror” … Through sun glare, you can’t always see a picture on the screen. If you buy a laptop for watching movies, processing photos / videos – this option is for you.

Matte – a minimum of glare, perfect for work “on the go” or for people who spend a lot of time behind texts or tables (less eye strain).

This is the brain of any computer, the so-called analytical center. His ability will depend on how “heavy” programs you can use, how many operations you can perform at the same time.

As AMD leaves the Ukrainian market and their devices are gradually disappearing from sales, let’s look at what Intel offers us.

Designed for working with office applications, watching videos, surfing the Internet and other simple tasks. Typically, laptops with these processors have very good battery life (6-8 hours work without recharging.). “But will the Tanks pull?” Pull, but don’t count on a too comfortable game.

A little more powerful than his “little brother.” The best integrated graphics becomes available to us, the clock speed rises. The purpose is the same as in Celeron, with the only difference – Pentium will do the same tasks a little faster. “Tanks” at minimum settings can already be played with relative comfort;)

Core i3
The first representative of the Intel Core family. It will differ from previous representatives by the presence of several technologies that distinguish it among the “smaller brothers”. For example:

Hyper-Threading (multithreading) is a technology that allows the processor to process several operations at once without any delays. It becomes useful, for example, when you simultaneously play a game, download a movie from the Internet and listen to music.

WiDi – the ability to broadcast photo / video to a TV wirelessly (via WiFi).

Quick Sync video – useful for those who like to shoot and edit videos. A technology that accelerates video processing at the hardware level.

Core i5
A powerful processor that easily copes with everyday tasks allows you to comfortably play modern games, work with photos / videos (PhotoShop, CorelDraw, 3Dmax). The function of automatic change of clock frequency (TurboBoost) becomes available, which saves battery power when maximum power is not required (surfing the Internet, working with documentation, social networks) and raises it to the maximum when launching “heavy” programs.

Core i7
The flagship of Intel. Perfect for people who are professionally involved in photo / video processing (photographers, designers, architects). This processor to buy for video games, in principle, is optional. He will not reveal his potential there (you won’t notice the difference between і5 and і7).

IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW. CPU power is not always correctly measured by clock speed. There are many functions that accelerate the work of the “computer brain” without increasing the frequency.

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Fifteen of the most famous hacker attacks.
The advent of personal computers had a huge impact on society in the late 70s - early 80s .; just at this time, computer technology has decreased sufficiently in size…


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