Buying links in sape: promotion without anchor
Today I’ll tell you that no one ever told anywhere and never. After reading this article, you will understand how links work and how the link purchase scheme is built.…

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How to make a simple and free website on Wordpress without installing it on your hosting?
The topic of creating sites on the free CMS (Content management Systems) Wordpress has been repeatedly considered at However, in this article I will tell for "dummies" in web…

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The history of development and evolution of the keyboard.
We all use the keyboard every day, it is difficult to say whether there can be a more important and universal device for entering information into a computer than a…

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Online site builders. Which to choose?

Every modern person may need to create a website. The goals can be very different – to make money on the Internet, to promote goods and services, to publicly present their creativity, and so on and so forth … Moreover, not all people want to dive into the jungle of web development or pay money to professional developers. But neither one nor the other is completely optional today.

As a rule, most sites are of a typical nature – for example, a typical business card site or a typical online store – and so that another such project appears on the Web, it is not worth reinventing the wheel. It’s easier to use one of the online designers that allows you to put together a ready-made website and breathe life into it for free on their own site.

Among such services in RuNet, uCoz, Yandex.Narod and Jimdo are the most successful. To decide which one to choose, get to know each one better.

uCoz is a dynamically developing project from a team of Russian developers. More than a million sites work on its basis, and for good reason. The system has wide capabilities for creating modern resources of almost any type. It includes more than 20 modules, such as “Catalog of articles”, “Forum”, “Online games” and others.

How to create a website on uCoz? You choose a design template and connect the necessary modules so that the site has all the necessary functionality. Further, through the control panel, general parameters are configured, how each module should work, how to arrange site blocks, etc. Understanding web technologies, you can completely change the appearance and functions of the modules – the system provides access to both the site files and the template code.

Filling a resource with content – articles, photos, videos, etc. – occurs on the pages of the site. Moreover, you can determine to whom the display of materials will be available – to you alone, to a separate group of people or to the whole world. And most importantly, what should be the behavior of users on the site – passive or bustling in the spirit of Web 2.0.

If you wish, you can connect your domain to your site and make it look like a completely independent resource. True, you will have to pay for this – then you can remove ads, uCoz copyrights from the pages, as well as increase the size of disk space and downloaded files (by default, 400 MB is given, and no more than 15 MB is the size of one file).

In general, the system gives users a lot of room to implement their own ideas. Whatever site you would like to launch, it will be possible with uCoz. This platform is used not only by beginners, but also by quite advanced webmasters, as well as studios that make sites to order.


“People” is one of the oldest services in Runet for creating web pages. There are more than 2.5 million of them created here. Today it exists in two versions: classic (“Workshop”) and version 2.0 (“Site Builder”). The classic “People” has lagged behind modern trends and is not particularly popular now. The designer version looks much more attractive.

When creating a new site, you need to choose its type: commercial, personal, fan-made or completely clean. They differ only in the names of the pages that may initially be present on the site. Then the design is tuned. There are no ready-made templates. The layout is selected (without columns, two- or three-column), design style (“Strict”, “Red”, “Gentle”, “Avant-garde”, “Blue”), font and background. Ready pages look extremely ascetic.

What’s next? Design the site pages by dragging various blocks onto them. There are ten of them: “Text”, “Contacts”, “Menu,“ News ”,“ Search ”,“ Pictures ”,“ Photo Gallery ”,“ Feedback ”,“ External Code ”,“ Widgets ”. The contents of the blocks must be filled, selected, configured. You can see how the edited page looks in real time.

Since “People” is a Yandex service, the latter is closely integrated here. So, to create a site, you need to have a record in the system; the name of your site (like will be the same as the login (but you can also connect your domain). And your site will demonstrate the mandatory block of contextual advertising Yandex.Direct.

The developers tried to make “People” 2.0 so simple that any Yandex user can create a site based on it. However, nothing more than a few static pages can not be squeezed out of it.


This is a bright and stylish service made by three young people from Germany. It is available in eight languages, including Russian. His slogan is “Pages to people.” Here you can create beautiful, unusual pages and fill them with information.

Managing a Jimdo site is extremely simple. They consist of a navigation menu, the main page space and a side column with copyright and advertising. All we need is to customize the template and styles, create a list of pages and fill each page with content.

The main page space consists of information blocks located one after another.

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