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How to choose the best laptop
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The choice of a laptop in terms of parameters and characteristics should be approached consciously, so that after a month of use you do not have to be upset by the lack of necessary functions. Of course, the first thing a buyer does when choosing a gadget is comparing and evaluating the technical parameters indicated near the product. But, what if at this moment the thought arises in the head: “Decipher what it means ?!”.

12 tips from us will help you decide. How to choose a laptop yourself and what characteristics you need to pay attention to depends, first of all, on the purpose of the equipment. Read more about this and much more.

1. Find out the vocation of a laptop
Laptop selection

The most difficult choice will be for those who do not know what they want from the upcoming acquisition. Therefore, the first and most important rule of the right purchase is to determine the upcoming vocation. Some models are designed for heavy games, but for beautiful graphics they pay with a refusal of autonomy. Preferring lightness and mobility, you can get damage on the power of the processor. Then you will have to forget about games and design programs. Identify the primary requirements of the laptop and the functions that you can opt out of.

To simplify the choice, let’s try to find out what laptops are and what is the peculiarity of each type.

It will be about universal laptops for daily use. Typically, the technique is used for work or study. The main characteristics of this type of technology is the screen size of 15-17 inches. The standard processor will not pull heavy games or voluminous graphics programs. As a result, it is more useful for designers and gamers to look at another option.

Determining which multimedia laptop to choose, there are ideal solutions among this category. This universal machine will also be the right choice for study and work.

For study – suitable for students of humanitarian faculties. The standard processor will provide the necessary functionality, and small amounts of RAM will be enough to work with “not heavy” documents. For convenience, consider ultrabook options. Specialists of technical specialties who require special software, take a look at the powerful varieties of technology.
For work. In this case, the essence of the selection is not different from student. If you plan to work with documents, then you should pay attention to universal models with a quad-core processor and decent system performance. In this case, the characteristics of the screen does not matter. Good color rendering is important for employees using graphics programs, and also pay attention to the gaming graphics card and processor power.

If previously universal devices looked overall, now the line has replenished with lightweight mobile gadgets.

So, Lenovo IdeaPad 100S, one of the most popular positions in this category, weighs 1 kg. Moreover, the battery power (31.9 Wh) allows you to work about 8 hours without connecting a charger. However, let’s be honest that 2 GB of RAM is barely enough to equip the main programs. A great option for users working with text documents and other light files. Among this class there are representatives with a large amount of memory.

When choosing a significant role is played by the budget. If you are looking for a cheap laptop to buy, then among the universal ones it’s just possible to find an affordable model like the LENOVO IdeaPad 100S.

The category has powerful features. The ability to install heavy games, as well as comfort in use, depends on the choice. To determine what a good gaming laptop, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

Video card Since this particular part bears the main responsibility for reading graphics, you can not save on it. However, its computation should be in harmony with the processor power – the DELL Inspiron 7567 is a good option.
Screen. It’s not worth trifles on this, so as not to cost too much. The optimal minimum is a 15-inch monitor. Better is more. You can, of course, play on 12 inches, but the feeling is not the same!
Resolution matters. The advantage for gamers is HD + or Full HD size. The graphics, in this case, are amazing quality. But if you still want to save money, then you can stop at HD.
Matrix. Not every matrix for a player. A closer look is to models with IPS or OLED.
HDD. The average volume selection converges at 250-500 GB. Smaller numbers are not interesting for players. More than 500 GB is relevant for active users.
The battery is an equally important parameter. In the game, a laptop without a charger is enough for 1-2 hours. The expenditure of energy makes it non-autonomous. A technique with greater productivity requires corresponding costs.

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