There are many ways to open the djvu format on both the computer and the phone.
Recently, electronic books in the DjVu format have been very popular. Files in this format are generally smaller in size than PDF extension documents. The djvu format is widely used…

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All possible benefits from your own web site.
Let's talk about the benefits that your own website gives you. Why is this topic so important? Most likely, you already know that the Western Internet has overtaken Runet by…

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Facebook - interesting facts
The social network Facebook has bypassed its competitors in all respects, and not only bypasses it, but also amazes them with its new products. Today, Facebook has more than 570…

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How to fill your site?

Initially, before creating the site, each of us is looking for a theme for our web project. As soon as the topic is selected and the steps to build the site are completed, we begin to think about what to fill it with.

I advise you to think about this before building your site. Why so? Yes, just because in the first months of the site’s life you simply don’t have enough time to do administrative work and creative activity.

Here are a few steps to help you with this.

First, make a plan for filling the site. This will clearly determine which days you will make certain entries. Get a diary or a program in which you could plan the site filling every day for a month.

Secondly, decide on the directory structure of your site. Break the site into thematic catalogs or sections on the topic that you will write about. Indicate in the diary in which section you will make this or that entry, decide on the name of the entry and its purpose (topic).

Example. On May 13, an entry to the section of the site “Affiliate Programs” is planned. The entry is tentatively called: “10 Secrets to Partnership Programs.” Purpose: to reveal the points of participation in affiliate programs.

Third, start writing content for your site. Now you have a plan that clearly indicates which day you will fill the site with content and what exactly you should write on a given day for a month.

You just have to sit down and start preparing the content on the items previously planned. The main thing to remember: the content must be unique.

Search engines really like the uniqueness of the text, not the stolen content. In order to write a unique text, you need to be a little knowledgeable about the topic that you are writing about. If you are a pro in this matter, then it will not be difficult for you to write an article or to prepare a blog entry.

And if you are a beginner and you do not have as much experience writing articles, what should you do? Do not be upset. On the Web you can find a fairly decent amount of information on your topic. The main rule is: learn from the information received and analyze it, and then write your opinion on this topic.

This is very easy, especially if after analyzing the read information you do not agree with the opinion of its author.

After writing an article or note, be sure to check it for uniqueness. There are several ways to do this. You can go to the copyscape website or antiplagiat and check the record for uniqueness. And you can use the Double Content Finder program to check the uniqueness of your text or page. Which way – you have to decide for yourself.

If you want to create a site and publish materials of third-party sites on it, then you need to know the following:

1. Be sure to comply with the requirements of the author of the material that you publish.

2. Do not destroy links in the article or signature file; if not, indicate the source and address of the site.

3. Do not make any changes to the author’s text.

You should also understand that the material that you published on your site will only benefit when the amount of unique authoring content and not unique is approximately 50% to 50%. This rule is especially strictly monitored by the Google search engine, sending pages to the so-called auxiliary index.

And finally, remember that in an article or note for 1000 characters of links there should be a maximum of 1-2. If there is more, there is a chance that this will affect the internal structure of the site. Since the total number of links to external resources, it is advisable to make as little as possible: no more than 3-5 on the main page of the site and 5-7 on all other pages. Otherwise, search robots can evaluate the site as a link-cleaner and throw it out of indexing or apply a filter to the site.

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